Monday, 5 December 2011

A touchy subject (children avert eyes)

 Unfortunatly no longer with us...
This is Rachel one of 3 very close friends I had when I was younger.. All 3 gone, but only the evidence of the last one to go remains. She died aged 17.

The Pictures were drawn Whilst I studied at College. I enjoyed sketching the human body and never was any good at the male  body, but somehow managed to get something right on the female... Rachel was good practice, mostly because she could stay still.

All pieces were sketched with a 2B  without a my personal hate, so any mistakes are in sight and refuse to this day to alter them. even marks from being in the book, in storage, accidently stepped on and scrumpled up or paint marks are still on them. (adds to the effect).
 You could call these are treasured posessions, a reminder that this person will never be forgotten will be loved eternaly and celebrated always.


1 even if theres no physical photos there are mental ones.
2 being able to draw has its perks for documentation.
3 Great memories with best friends.

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