Wednesday, 4 September 2013

12 weeks old.... growing too fast

I've not been able to bake  or crochet much these last couple of weeks. I'm GUTTED! It's rare for me to have more than 10 minutes without Faith and that's Usually taken up by the shower.
I will try again some time soon, when I know she is going to be napping for long enough.
Pad'a'one has been trying her hardest to sit up. When sitting up or on my sholder she han hold her head up for a minute or two here and there, and she is so desperate to sit instead of lie down we thought it best to get her a big girl chair that could double up for tea time.
She loves it, though she can only sit in it for about 2 minutes so far with her head up. she is doing SOOO WELL!!!

Pad'a'one also loves Tummy Time! she wriggles around and manages to do a 180 degree turn on her tummy. one minute she will be facing her toys and books (to entice her to lift her head) to facing my feet (sitting on my sofa watching  if not on the floor with her).

YEY she did it!!!!  she can get up onto her knees too but not quite lifting off of her tummy yet.. still got some strength to gain.... so proud of my little girl.
How come she is sooooo Cute!?!?!?

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