Wednesday, 21 August 2013

scones and playtime

At 10 weeks old with the sniffles and a true red head temperament, my darling pad'a'one is up to her usual tricks of wanting lots of fuss and playtime.. I'm surprised that I even managed to make scones.
... This morning.....the coast was clear...  safe to bake! Belly full of milk and gets cuddles until sound asleep.

This photo was supposed to be landscape. This little man and his pot of jam is what greets me on the scone page of my vintage recipe book.

Just after I had weighed and prepared everything, greased the tin and just about to add the wet ingredients to the bowl... someone stirs... "Hello Paddy, you going to help mummy??" Faith gurgles in reply and all the way through baking there's lots of smiles, high pitched squeaks and more gurgles as she tells mummy stories.

The smell from the oven was making my mouth water whilst I washed the dishes and gave faith bounces in her chair as she watches the washing machine spin away. They look as good as they smell... waiting for Molei to come home with some cream to whip up... I think I have tonight's pudding sorted. There's a feeling they won't last even half the time the marble cakes did.

Monday play time... Elmo goes most places with her, pram, bed, play mat and often in her chair... he gets some abuse bless him, but loved to bits

this was yesterday (Tuesday) playing on her tummy like a big girl... oo I'm so proud of my clever girl.

and again, on her tummy giving mummy smiles and gurgles.

more cuddles for Elmo... see how her other toys are all to the side??  only books Elmo and Princess's Belle, Merida, and Sofia (who are new. she is collecting Disney soft princesses) will do. "Fusspot"

"give Elmo kisses"... so she does... and slobbers and chews then grins about it!

last night holding her head up on her own, but using mummy as an arm chair, she watched the telly with me till she fell asleep. such a clever girl.

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