Thursday, 15 August 2013

carrot cakes and lingering thoughts.

The tattoo is healed, there are already thoughts towards the next one.
The Humming bird signifies "free spirit", my lil' Pad'a'one.
Thoughts head towards "our" Guardian angels, Nana Diane and Nana Margret in the form of Butterflies... still wondering colours, though may keep in the blues greens and yellows. Will be thinking for just a little longer.
Pad'a'one, just awake looking very soulful. Teething is taking it's toll on the poor thing, she can't keep a Dodie ( dummy / pacifier ) in her mouth on her own and finds it hard to hold her teething ring for much more than a minute.
"Mine!!" her teething ring getting abused while mummy does dishes. it soon drops onto the chair and the obligatory cries start. then the whole sequence starts again. (head hurts from using big words... oh dear, I seem to have been chewing on a thesaurus).
Mini Carrot cakes!! All gone!!!! They didn't last long at all. will have to make more.
vanilla and blueberry anyone??

This is Moshchops III, resident squirrel that frequents the garden out the front of the flat, I often see him scurry about then back up into his tree. there's also a hedgehog wonders along the footpath and recently a fox wonders through the garden at night. He/she is very skittish but beautiful, I wonder if there are cubs nearby.

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