Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pad'a'one will be 15 weeks old tomorrow....

.... and she is able to roll around on the floor.... just... (more like managing to spin around 360 degree turns and occasionally turn from her belly to her back   not the other way round).
 She still hasn't grasped the idea of pushing up with her arms yet. I'm sure she will get there soon.
There has been a little bit of a ruckus amongst the family.
I let them into some news a few days ago and a nice long list of comments were sent back... some nice, some not so nice.
Back in March, I got married, But bad news upon bad news and being pregnant made me not want to tell anyone at the time. I'm not one for parties, I wasn't drinking at the time(still rare to have even one) and I've always kept more or less to myself, so kept it  quiet and only the witnesses were there. Not even a party.
There were some lovely comments of congratulations and wishing to have known.
There were also comments of how Certain Family members thought I was selfish to keep quiet and other family members that are no longer with us were used against me saying they would be disappointed, which I know these family members knew I wouldn't have been up for any fuss.
All I can say is that it was MY CHOICE and that I was waiting until I was ready to tell anyone.
"Best we can do is hold our heads up high and carry on"

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