Sunday, 22 September 2013

Molei hasn't been well

 For the Last week, Molei hasn't been very well. We didn't know what it was.
On Friday, We found out that Molei is Diabetes type 2, So you can imagine, he is down in the dumps.
 To make him feel better about things, We have come up with a plan. I will not buy any more Molei unfriendly Goodies and we will Buy Molei friendly recipe books and sweets from now on.
Gives me an excuse to find new goodie recipes...
I've been Crocheting....
It has grown since the picture... It is Vastly turning into my scraps bag... That ball's remains will be one of many  that will sit in this basket whilst I crochet away.
Other than that. here's a couple  of update pictures of Pad'a'one... 
"Don't want that one now" ... in her big girl chair.

"Princess in training my........!"  Ladies and Gentlemen.... My daughter!

Cheeky!!!!! smiles at praising her for reaching her toys and bringing them closer.

"Blehhhhh!!" something to chew on other than fabric.... Didn't work to her advantage.
There is one of her holding a single digit up, but I thought that might be a little rude.... It was rather amusing at the time though.

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