Thursday, 20 June 2013

phone's internet on the plip...

my phone hates connecting to the internet to transfer photos to the computer.... so awaiting on a little camera that I can plug straight into computer...... so no little person or artsy crafty pictures.

other than that

Little miss is doing fantastic. Apart from still a little rocky with feeding and sleeping..... Poor mummy here is more or less awake most nights keeping close eye on her otherwise we have the WHOLE HOUSE awake...  the health visiter has given us a few ideas today to try over the next week... and only time will tell..

In a couple of weeks  We move into our own space.... We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat to move into.

tomorrow, we will be up by 5:30.. not that that is new recently... but tomorrow we are heading to the I. O. M. to show Little miss who her Nanny and Grandad are.... (my parents) and the rest of the extended family that we can manage to fit into 2 1/2 days (its a very big family).

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