Tuesday, 25 June 2013

there were many pictures taken of this weekend.....

.... But there's one that stands out for me.

Saturday, Faith met her Nanny Lou (my mum), Tolly (mum's hubby) and her Uncles Jonny and Joe.
They think she is GORGEOUS... commenting on colour of hair and mass of it, and how TINY she is.
There are many other pictures involving great aunties and second cousins as she was passed about the room people coming and going almost like a whirlwind, and a fair few showing how tired I was... less than 2 weeks after a major operation.
Faith gained lots of gifts though, from Grandnanna Margret's teddy to nanny Lou's famous blankets and a first braclet.
Sunday, we met Grandad Harry.. not as active. He held her for an Ultimate of 2 minutes and handed her back.
Aunty Miki had a good cuddle though.
Sunday evening we met up with a close friend of ours, who gave us a unique photo album and  first pots for hair and teeth. We enjoyed a good old chinwag and drink whilst little miss panned out in her daddy's arms.
Now, Back home in Brum (Birmingham).
The journey took us From Mann to Liverpool, Train from Liverpool to Birmingham and then a taxi from the city centre to Bournville (the village we live in). We were up by 4:30am  and got home around 3:00pm. We then went. "ZZzzZZzzZZzz".

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