Friday, 4 May 2012

what has been happening with all that stuff!!!

well the card/paper and trimmings usualy end up in the book  or as gifttags at the moment... but here's whats been happening ....

I've got a little log/ doodle book just for the design ideas that gets scraps of paper with scribbles stuck into aswell as transfers that are finnished with.

On the left (yellow) Is my mother inlaw to be's Birthday card, she likes spring colours so yellows and pale greens... hints of colour, Ive not met her yet but I HOPE she likes it. and on the Right is Miki (my sister)'s birthday card.. just a year to go and she'll be aloud on the road, planning her prom and running riot... (she doesn't need any encouragment), she loves Purple, and i think green suits purple well ...  she loves her cardand wants to see what i get up to next.

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