Friday, 27 January 2012

the BOOK

Now, I'm sure you remeber seeing one of these before I usualy call them the BordomVine.... a few selected colours that are already represented on the page  and the aim is to fill as much of the page Mentaly possible.... This excersise is FANTASTIC when waiting in hospital rooms (hunny j's Hospital appointments) and killing time to go to work when knowing there isnt enough time to play with glue.

on the same page is a cut out of where I painted on a white cutting of a butterfly. I then placed a frame over an area thought to be asthetic, Finaly added  the painted butterfly over the top.
The bottom being a butterfly and a heart untamperd with.

Now the strange piece in the middle.... Is a coaster....  on the other side is BEER advertisment....  on this side is a little biro "spider doodle" from a very quiet night when on relief, There was pleanty of staff on duty.... but I had left the book and colours out of reach.....

Back Home with a couple of days off to recover 11 days without a day off..  I orriginaly started stitching a "spider doodle".. it turned into a Jack and the beanstalk.... I even added sequins to it.... No idea Why they were added...  The fingers had gone into auto pilot without me......  Im still fathoming how that works.

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