Friday, 16 November 2012

the Pinewood and the Mitre

When I last posted Properly, I was in the 5th week at the Pinewood.

 It was my Birthday on the 6th week.

A small community public house on the other side of Town from where I lived. There was no accomodation above it, so I had to taxi it every day (work paid for my taxis).

 Yes... 80 odd hour weeks.... with 1 member of staff who only did half the cleaning and 6 hours behind the bar.... She didn't do weekends at all.

That was for 14 weeks, I had even applied for the pub, to get at least 1 diecent member of staff and get bands ect on the go since they wouldnt let me whilst on relief.....
 They gave it to someone else, closer to retirement age.... I was gutted.

On the 14th week There was a move, Out to Kirk Michael... A beautiful little village on the other side of the island, close to peel and a gorgeous little pub called THE MITRE... the oldest pub still going on the Isle of Man.......

     The place was a mess when we got there.... Beer lines were filthey, 5 times I flushed through line cleaner on my first morning and on top cleaned them every 4/5 days till they were perfect (spotless).
 Vermin wouldnt go near the kitchen, took 2 weeks for Hunni J and a deep cleaning man to scrub away the burnt crud on the stoves and friers. Myself and the careing manager tackled 9 large fridges and freezers out in the store and 3 smaller ones in the kitchen.... Aprox £200 worth of proffits in food alone got chucked away because it was opened for longer than 4 months or had turned to compost.
the bar itself just needed Lots of cleaning. the floor wasnt too bad, tables needed a good pollishing, glass and stock shelves needed a scrub, it stank of stale beer, sweat and mould. The new cleaner and I got to work right away and scrubbed everything.

  The toilets....... (gents) you needed wellies to get in there. Plumber puts a new Loo in, doesnt seal it.. almost finnished the job just as hunni J and i left.... Another 5 weeks of loving having alittle bit of money that we didnt have to put away.

    Another pub I would have happily run once the place was finaly cleared up. 5 weeks of scrubbing and getting to know some fantastic charecters, young and old.

My last week as landlady in the Mitre... Hunni J starts Noticing I hadn't been Myself. when I wasn't working behind the bar, All I wanted to do was curl up in a nice warm spot and read, or draw, anywhere quiet, wasnt in my usual natter to the customers way. The day before we left, We found out I was Aprox 4 weeks Pregnant....

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