Monday, 29 April 2013

new beginings

Since my last blog..........
This last month and a half has been a big toughie.... on all of us...
   Nana passed away on 13/3/13. It even snowed for her on her funeral.. she had a magical send off.. and one of her last wishes was to sing "the proclaimers 1000 miles" non of us could decide to laugh sing or cry so we did all of it at once....
   Also hunny J's brother was taken from us on 29/3/13 at the age of 32. There was a 4 week wait  for his funeral due to not knowing how he died. Turned out he had Pneumonia, and was too stubborn to go and see the doctor.

Its not all doom and gloom.
   J and I have moved to Birmingham. There may be a protest or two amongst friends and family, but  we feel less under pressure now and have only got one or two little things in the post still to come for our "Wiggle"....." Baby girl..!!!"
   J is excited... wiggle AKA" Faith" (her middle names after her strong willed and hearted great grandmothers), is only six weeks away... give or take a day or two..
   Nanny Lou, or to some of you manxgirl , has been crocheting blankies galore and a cardie.
   Nanny S and "Pops"(J's parents) have bought a few outfits ranging between new bourn and a year old wardrobe.
   There's also HAND ME DOWNS... all more or less only worn once  from my best friend Eva.
 And family air looms ranging between handmade dresses, bibs and cardies that my Nana's Nana made and some very fragile looking, but beautiful pram pillow Shams... all left to me and Faith in Nana's will.

Since Christmas, I've also started crocheting. there will be pictures of booties and things that I have made soon.....
And there's Faith! At twenty weeks, giving us a little wave.
She's very active  and loves "bunching" towards her daddy.

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