Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A little lady sits up on her own, and HAS A DEN

In the last post. Paddy was nearly Crawling.


Well I can say she is doing pretty well, She managed to spot my camera (which was filming), next thing I know she is up next to it about to pick it up!
I have some pictures to show, But have yet to figure out how to show a video...
Paddy and I watched Postman Pat yesterday lunch whilst we put the washing away.
She has sooo many clothes to choose from, half of them are for around the flat and bed.
Last night Mummy mocked up a new play area where the only things to bump into are the sofa, wall and a few legs. (chairs and table) oh and daddy when he is at the table.
Paddy explored it a little before bed  then properly at playtime this morning.
This afternoon and this evening was a lot of fun... 
Nana Mumble popped round and had picture book time and Paddy was even sitting up on her own until she decided to play lazy.
This evening.. a den has been added to the area...  and all you can hear from Paddy's direction is...
"bink bink bink. choose an activity....... Bink, do do..... how many. EHEH! wrong ans, bink"

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