Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nana Lou

You may know Nana Lou, My mum, Manxgirl
Well Paddy got the chance to pull faces at the camera for her this morning   but alas, the little tTilly Monster decided to play "lets stare at the T.V.
It isn't often we get to wave on Skype to New Zealand!
anyways  I promiced mum some Pigtails and possibility of smiles......
This is the best I could do for now  Camera is back on charge
we will start with a couple of days ago.... typical "im happy sleeping here thanks mum"

Big smiles   but there is hair everywhere...

this morning whilst Paddy was having her 2nd breakfast well  a morning snack of Weetabix

attempting to pigtail hair when not in her high chair is a little more difficult than expected

Awww I missed the smiles...
she usually smiles

"get any closer   you get square eyes!

"oh  so you find that funny?"

"did you just Botty Parp???"  she did n all   stink bomb
cuddles please mummy

mummy was calling out phrazes to make her laugh   but she wouldn't look at the camera

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