Friday, 27 January 2012

The Birthday cards.... Nicki and Steve

Now you remeber Nicki's card?? I added alittle more to it... mostly in the name stitching... (a couple more colours) and a little heart ....

She loved it....  She told EVERYONE in the pub where I work (and she run's kareoke) that it was handmade ... I think she still has her hand painted card from christmas...  a Bah Humbug Snowman with a dog peeing against him....*chuckles*

Steve!!!!! Has known me since I was roughly 5 years old... and the love and affection in his family is alittle different to most...  his way of showing care to some one is to take the Mick or pick on in a jestful way especialy towards hunny J so here's how i got my own back......

"we went in search of something with Esthetic and Ergonomic qualities..."
J and I took a good half hour to figure out a good ending.....

"..... these Posies were ALL we could find at such short notice"

over all  both cards must have taken a good 4 hours for planning and making spread over 2 days..

still yet to finnish Jake's and Ben's their's is this weekend   oops

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