Friday, 27 January 2012


My official title at work for the moment is Bar maid and Relief manager.

But I have recently found out that I am a Quallified Licencee for the publican trade

What a thought, Me! Left in charge of a pub????.....  has the world gone to pot????   I know I have

well as you've possibly figured, I often get the chance to do just that.... Recently KAIY got another chance to work in a different pub... only for a couple of days. I loved it... Good hard working staff (not mentioning one or two)... fantastic coustomers.... Gorgeous little pub.... just one problem...... I had to leave my house  40 minutes before work..... ugh.  That  and be around either the pub or close by... all day... because by thge time I had got home and settled, It be time to head back to the pub.
  I hope My pub will have accomodation above it... so I don't get sopping wet  and have a cosy warm living room to hide in when im not working.

News flash given.... time to get back to normal .......

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