Friday, 13 January 2012

Back to normal....

 YEY!!! I have my space back!. the new year is Well under way...
  I Have passed a Licencing course for public houses. Just a small amount of training to do (more  an upgrade of what I have already under my belt)
   The creative side has kicked in alot more when not at work, reading alittle more.
  Just about keeping on top of house work as new year promice is kept. Just need to sort some Draws for the mentality known as the chaos corner (boxes of bits and bobs in the art/ craft/ bedlam subject). sorted through a few clothes and old teddies to go to charity shop. (yet to go).

 Most important... THE ART/ CRAFT side of things.

excuse the quality of photo.... but yes parts of the book are back.. and since the shop DEALS (part of £1 land) has opened on the island... its BRILLIANT  everything (well almost) is roughly £1.20. so of course... Hunny J and I keep £10 between us a week for goodies and artsy crafty offcuts and bits'n'bobs. they will go to good use for the book aswell as home made cards, bookmarks, and little tags ...

Boxing day was a drunken night, lots of doodles and scribbles... and of course, only the best bits get put on the blog.... one of the family's friends decided that I am going to design him a tattoo!

more cut outs and scraps of paper..... even bits that arn't to small get used up, bits of newspaper, paint brush cleaning scrap, offcuts from a bits and bobs pack, (the bit normal people chuck away..."but its glittery and would look cool as a border!" ) torn pages from the book tidied up... best bits taken from them and glued back in on a different page... ALL PART OF THE FUN!

There's a couple of Birthdays coming up.... Some friends from work.. all within 2 weeks. NICKI and STEVE, a couple who are in charge of our KAREOKE. STEVE has known me since I was just about able to walk.

JAKE (our youngest member of staff) and his twin brother BEN are about to turn 19 near the ned of January... so best get cracking...

here's Nicki's card... her Favorite colour is purple (alittle obvious)... and she has a thing for hand made and quirky items. she knits alot, usualy with RAINBOW wool and crochet too. I am yet to further conquer the consept of crochet. "but she makes it look soooooo easy!"

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