Friday, 13 January 2012

better late than never......

I've finaly managed to get the photos from the camera to the computer......  my Christmas deccies...  only the photos that were not blury.... So that it is clear, J and i share a house with at least 4 others... ALL MEN (im the only girl) and we kept our own tree in one of our rooms...

As well as the normal baubles and 3 sets of fairy lights (2 on the tree 1 on the window display), the cones, twigs, ribbons and cinnamon sticks...... See the paper strip baubles???  that would be Hunny J. The paper cones, I made. They soon got filled with mini cany canes and other little sweeties... either soon to be demolished by us or the 2 children that often visit the house... and yes.. they had a couple of presents left under our tree of father christmas too.

Yes, the window had a display too. I had to vacate the window to make way for alittle festive chear..

Unfortunatly I worked on Christmas Eve and day but we spent Boxing day with mum

I also worked New Years Eve and Day too.. but had fun when I wasn't working....

Most important this year.... I had Hunny J, our first christmas and new year together, he got the usual manly things as presents, and a few favorite things too.... sweets, SPONGEBOB SQAREPANTS bits and bobs, and cardies, scalfs and thermal socks to keep him warm.

Yes I got the usual Girlie things aswell as J got me a New MP4 player and Mum got me a Kindle and made me a little case for it... in 3 weeks and I have managed to get into my 2nd book... It goes everywhere with me. sits in my handbag when it isnt being used.

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