Tuesday, 10 January 2012

a few charecters that Kaiy has come across

When someone says "wildlife park" I get alittle excited... though it's no fun when you either can't get pictures clear through glass/ fencing, or the battery runs out (looks sad). But non the less, there's usualy a new picture I keep every time I go......
"merkats!!!!!!! "  a little voice shouts out... that would be my cousin Lala.... who drags big cousin Kaiy up to the fence and demands being lifted up to see over, pointing at the babies that havn't long ventured out of the den for the first time and a "King of the castle" being the dominant male sitting on look out.

The Park itself(http://www.gov.im/wildlife/), is amazing. "Not as cool as a Zoo" some say... but that is maybe why I find it amazing.... I have never been to a Zoo!... I havn't seen a Lion, Tiger or an Elephant. infact...  not even half the animals you would normaly see in a Zoo.... I have seen though the lynx, red panda and penguins amongst many other strange and wonderful animals.. theres a small petting zoo, a small cafe that you look over the small monkey island, and WALLABIES.. which aswell as in the park they've managed to populate a good portion of the woodland around the park (in the wild).

FRUIT BATS, In a personal expression... "the cutest creature on the planet" well, its my favorite animal.. and Their enclosure is exellent... you can walk into a large indoor enclosure and they can fly around you.. This photograph was taken  a couple of years ago. And the bat was within a meter of the camera. I wanted to "take him home!!!!!!!!!" but no.. reluctantly, I left and went to see the rest of the animals.

You can't forget the swans..... this one is wild, Hunny J and myself on a random walk around Douglas Harbour just before the cold of winter kicked in. Somewhere, I'm sure my Dad has a photo very similar to this one that he took on a film camera before i was born.
 But you could just say that this is My interperetation of that photo.

"Owch!" thats going to hurt... Big intelligent words.. "eek" there's another one, I didn't know I posessed such vocabulary!
"oh dear! "   there I go again... this is going to hurt alot!

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  1. Like the swan honey.
    Can you do a pic of your kindle case please and email it to me.