Monday, 13 May 2013

4 weeks to go!!!!!

   4 weeks till my baby "wiggle "is due....  (June 10th) and today, with a little help, well a lot of help off of J. I managed somehow to organise all baby stuff into a new chest of draws.
J is shocked how small you can get baby nappies and mitts...
   All packed into 3 big deep draws is a range from bathing towels flannels and 1 or 2 toys for when she is bigger.... changing and cleaning bits and bobs  and a wide range of wardrobe ranged between 0-12 months old (bigger stuff in the bottom draw).... home made blankies and cardies made by Nany Lou (Manx girl), a neighbour and myself.
   J cant wait for her to arrive. He has that sparkling eye look and goes all giddy when holding a teddy or "wiggle's" clothes... He was determined to be the one to place clothes in the draws.
   Also pram is in safe place, nicknamed the "chealsea tractor" (posh range rover), because it has everything, car seat included. It is considered bad luck to have the pram in the house until baby is born.
   Baby's bed is all set up, all bottles ect..  at the ready... and "the bag" (its big enough) is ready with pregnancy notes in handbag at all times....

I think I'm as set as I'm going to get....  eeek!!!!!

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