Wednesday, 29 May 2013

TAH DAH.. i promiced photos...!!!!!!

Here are a couple of my favorite projects I have made over the last few weeks of being in Birmingham.!
.... the greeny/ blue pair was my 2nd attempt at making booties. and the brown were the 3rd...(just need to tidy up the loose ends inside the brown ones)

little hats to match said the teddy bank has roughly £15 in it already.. and theres still 11 days till due date... Baby is richer than me!!!!!

Ah, Meet "Benny" the transvestite bear. A gift from "Benny", a friend from childhood, has been a mascot at college and has had many a dress and funky hats,  bows and other accesories over the years (he goes more or less everywhere with me) now fashioning a new little skirt and flower badge... and his new little handmade friend George who was made for J, who wants to share it with baby, he even has a fluffy white tail.!
other than that...

Little to be mummy here is on a week trial of blood tests. Nothing to worry about, Just a couple of high sugar level readings...
most of it does boil down to me being a little bit of a sweet tooth.. but it is mostly fruit these days and a small amount of chocky here and there too (2 or 3 cubes). Not as bad as I was this time a year ago when I could gobble a cheesecake to myself in 1 sitting if given half a chance. Though that does still sound tempting.
But it is Amazing to see how much sugar is in fruit, even if it is natural and good for me.
Aprox 11 sleeps till baby's due date.... I guess now is just a waiting game?

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  1. Hi Kaiy. Just popping in to wish you both all the best with your new bub. You sound so excited. Great that you have been crafting some special things for your little one. Cheers, Janice (Nanny Lou's Aussie friend).