Saturday, 3 August 2013

nearly 2 months old!

Tomorrow, my little girl will be 8 weeks old. She has started teething early, and so the tantrums and chewing on everything begins.... well if she could hold things on her old, she chews on her fingers or bib when I'm not holding her bottle, dodey (dummy) or one of her chew friendly toys to her mouth for her, she even chews mummy's clothes when getting cuddles.

During leg excersises....

one of her new best friends.. "Clanger" he even whistles

kipping with Animal and Betty in her Hoop ready to go out, waiting for mummy to get ready.
One clingy baby kipping on mummy's lap.. the moment I put her down... she was no longer quiet, my top didn't last long

Ready for the Zoo.... goodness knows what made her go cross eyed.

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