Saturday, 3 August 2013

the Zoo!!

Today we have been to Dudley Zoo..... This is the first time I have been to a real Zoo. I say this because I don't consider The Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man as a Zoo, the closest to a big cat there is a Lynx and they don't have Giraffes or a castle ruins setting its scene.

these little critters get everywhere, there were loads of meerkat pups all over the enclosure.

this wallaby was trying to hide in the shade. but had a lot of children making a lot of noise near by.... I don't think he was impressed.

the highest peak of the castle ruins and Zoo.

meet Benji, this Urangutan has been here for years. he was happily watching everyone pass by. not even a peep out of him even with a small toddler screaming his lungs out.

this beautiful pair were gorgeous. I wish I could have a pet giraffe....

and the lazy Lions having a midday nap, too far away from the public to be bothered. that and the spot to get a closer look was packed.
the weather stayed nice too....

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