Thursday, 3 October 2013

lots of wool.... and ideas running through the mind

I made Molei friendly bread. Next time there will be recipe tinkering!
Even for wholemeal, it was heavy and didn't rise as much as I thought it should.
Can't wait to have another go though and it tasted nice.
Other than the baking...
My wool arrived.  £16 for 20 x 100g balls that was including post and packaging.
Rainbows come to mind, I'm already under instruction to make a multi coloured Beanie Hat for Pops'

But I'm going to start with a Blanket. It looks a mess, but I asure you that it is organized Chaos.
Of course there is company whilst crocheting.. .Pad'a'one . pleanty of smiles! and high pitched squeaks when she isn't getting all the attention

"AAAAaaaaaa!!!!!!" back with Brass Knobs On.

Pad'a'one trying on her hat before I put tassles on it.
It ended up like a Thunderbird Hat, shame she wasn't in her door bouncer, she dances like a thunderbird in that!
speaking of Pad'a'one, she is reminding me that it is time for tea.


  1. If you're making lots of little squares, learn the join as you go method. It will save you loads of time and frustration later!

  2. thanks mum:) I think theres something like that in one of my mags or books.. will go hunting later... just managed to make a practice square