Friday, 4 October 2013

More Molei friendly goodies!

Diabetic friendly cherry and sultana cake!..
Would have looked nicer if it didn't fall apart when putting it on cooling tray!
We now use totally sweet in cuppas and baking which is an alternative to sugar. And in the recipes I have in my diabetes cook and bake book don't have much use of sugar at all...
Molei can have Molei friendly goodies home made... Already been Kaiy tested, yummy... 8/10 always room for tweeking !
I made shortbread from the book last week, but they were too dry, going to play with the recipe next time I make them.
I think next, to try and find a scone recipe. Either that or use totally sweet in a larger scale. or just lower the amount put into the recipe... Molei isn't into Savoury scones, so cheese ones are out of the question! Damn It!
Right... what to do for Lunch?

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