Monday, 7 October 2013

17 weeks old??? OOOOO ek!

So, there is nothing left of the Molei friendly cake....  Even Molei's mum and dad helped polish off with 2nd helpings and like the thought of more experiments to come... They enjoy the Goodies that spring out of the small yet Ample kitchen on a regular basis and often ask when the next batch will be in their reach.
Also, it is good practice for Molei's birthday cake (20th).
"Pad'a'one, don't cry!"
 She got a lovely present of the nurse today for being 17 weeks old. Not!
The last of her Immunizations for a year. Yey!! 
Just awake, first Kip after the Nurse's evil doings. Teething isn't helping. She was only asleep for 10 minutes! Must be time for food and teething powder.
 "Mushed rusk, with a side of milk ma'am?"

After said grub and  it is time to carry on with a little more house work, so Pad'a'one plays on the bed and gets shifted as and when mummy needs that bit of the bed. She sits in her bath whilst mummy puts the washing out in the spare room. Daddy does the vacuuming.
She is still taking tantrums, but much better behaved for now whilst sitting on mummy's lap watching mummy add pictures to screen savers, blog and putting visualizations on the music player.
Well, It is time to continue sorting my photo folders out. they are a bit of a mess.
Let's see what the treasure shrove brings.

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