Friday, 11 October 2013

big girl bed and glasses

Pad'a'one hasn't been herself since Sunday.... Sniffles, Immunizations and teething. Maybe even growing pains too.
A lot of waking up at night and a little snoozing during the day.
She doesn't snooze much for long, only 10 minute cat naps here and there, Enough time to do a job or two if I'm lucky.
Snoozing on Mummy. Having a P J day and lots of cuddles.

My Glasses! red or dead! Watching the telly and having a cuddle of a Pad'a'one that is watching telly too. EEk. It is a rare sight to have a picture of ME these days. Not very keen on cameras facing me.

" AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" According to Pad'a'one. Who usually has her tongue hanging out looking a little like Gene Simmons... all she needs now is the Makeup!!!!

"Porridge? What Porridge? I didn't get any Porridge?"
four month + Fruity Porridge.
She is loving the stuff! but not giving her much at the moment, she is only four months after all and we have only just begun giving her solids.
One Hungry baby.
We had to pop Out. So, we wrapped up warm and grabbed the train into town, she now sits up in her Pram like a BIG GIRL and watches the world go by. Often there is a cat nap too... She Loves it.
Ah, the new bed.
Her Moses basket is getting a little small, so a cot was bought. She is still getting to grips with it.
The joys of NAP time is she gets to ware herself and have a kip, so why not let her get used to her new surroundings by putting her Mr. Nut Brown and Bobbins into the cot. Giving her some Teething Powder and dodey to chomp it in and leave her to it.... soon enough... ZZzzzz.....

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