Monday, 14 October 2013

whilst little one snuggles to mummy

Its a good day for ducks today, Pad'a'one and myself have had fun sitting in the window watching people get wet, cars, trucks, lorries and many emergency services go past whirling and flashing away all morning.
 We've also been watching Moshchops and his friend quarrel over each others trees and horse chestnuts (conkers).
We know who is who because Moshchops has red in his tail, He lives in the chestnut tree above the path between the main road and our front door.  The other squirrel is now known as Tails, because his tail is a lot bushier. He has some red in his face and front legs. He lives in the beech next to the drive.. there is occasionally a third squirrel about, but haven't seen him close up enough yet, he lives on the other lawn across the driveway from us. Tails has had a scrap or two with him recently too... Our unknown friend lives in the Huge Copper Beech tree that sits slap bang in the middle of the flat next door's lawn. We have to look out the side window to see that lawn.
Well, Enough of Moshchops and co. What else has been Happening????

Lets start with Saturday night....... Pad'a'one decided to use tummy time as nap time....
 She has now learnt how to grab onto everything, blanket, toys and mummy's hair!
Good job I have had plenty of practice with hair pulling from three younger siblings and too many cousins younger to count... on both of my parents family's, cousins are estimated to more than fifteen. I have babysat around four or five.
( she just woke up... so much for being a nap)
Yesterday, Mumble, Pops', Molei, Pad'a'one and myself Piled in a car and went for a drive to Hatton and  the Warwick area. It was a wet day, So Pad'a'one was Wrapped up to the nose even in her pram (slept through most of the pram wonderings and some of the car) because she hadn't been too well.
It was that wet, We didn't get the chance to get our cameras out much, only the resident Peackock was out to play. His tail wasn't at it's best, But the colours on his body looked Beautiful.

See, Asleep.... in the car with her beloved Mr. Nut Brown and newest friend Rosie. Daddy found her hidden on a shelf in one of the shops in Hatton and just had to get her.
Pad'a'one Reached out at her when Daddy brought her over to the pram and went straight in for a cuddle and pull at her woolen pigtails.

Last night, I managed to get this far with crocheting... I wasn't wearing my specs  and was tired... that's my excuse for its "wonkeyness" and sticking to it!
Wondering what to do next to it....
This morning's View of Moshchops's tree from the bedroom, cold and starting to look a lot like winter slowly but surly. There aren't any nice walks near by otherwise I would have been and taken other photos by now That And I would like Pad'a'one to get a bit bigger before I take her outside to explore Leaves and things.... Quite happy letting her explore her Blankets and toys for now.
And Lady Muck (pad'a'one) playing in her cot whilst Mummy does a couple of jobs around the flat. All but Mr. Nut Brown gets taken out at bed time. Mummy doesn't want to hear the blocks rattle and crunch at 2 am. Also we don't want Rosie's hair to get choked on... so it is best during the day when there is a peep around the door to check on her every few minutes.
Play wise, Richt now, She has managed to lift her tummy off of the ground for about three seconds. and then Faceplant back down again...Still working on shoulder and arm strength
That and one of her teddies just got attacked. She rolled onto Gemima Puddleduck  for being in the way.
Talk wise... "AAAAAGHHHHH!!!" and "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" is the usual.
When I greet her I say "hello", I usualy get smiled at and once managed to get an "Oh" back..

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