Saturday, 7 December 2013

an afternoon out and a bumble bee

Little lady catching Zzzzs on the sofa late in the afternoon.

Friday's Attempt at a Banana and spice Molei friendly cake.. (there is only a small amount left)

Paddy deciding Mummy's computer is more interesting than her own  AGAIN.


And Watching the Washing machine on full spin whilst mummy washes dishes.
Today, A little Bumble Bee. Nana Lou (manx girl) sent over a while ago. she finally fits into it...  

Our afternoon out was down to Winterbourne House and tea room.
unfortunately It was busier than expected, Santa's grotto, Edwardian toy display and Caroling all very busy for the festive cheer.
The cue was tooo long to go see Santa for the first time, but as you can see, we saw the toys and one or two other rooms around the house after a nice pot of tea and cake (or a small pot of custard in Paddy's case).

I love steam locomotives, all sizes And carousels. When I don't get to have a go on one, there tends to be a pet lip. Even as an adult, they are so beautiful.

this is what I would describe as a drawing room, It's windows look over a large, well groomed garden. Maybe in the warmer months we will go and have a wonder around them.

Ah, the nursery. Myself and Mumble Loved this room, we wished we could go further than the ropes.
We will Visit again, after the new year, it was just a little too busy to stay for long.

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