Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A little further and TIME passed Fast

On Sunday the 8th December, Paddy is 6 months old!!!
Where has the time gone??
She is on my lap pressing the odd key, So it is taking me a little longer than it normally would to type.
 If I dare put her on the floor to play the end of the world will be nearing.
I will just have to put her in her bed to grump and sleep once it is time for housework.
 This was Saturday morning, Playing with Mummy as We decided she still wasn't well enough to go out.
Paddy and I hadn't been out since Sunday afternoon and Yesterday (Sunday) I was chomping at the bit, Molei suggested Reddich because Town is mental around christmas

paddy on Monday morning before a tantrum.
And how far my blankie has got. "TAHDAH"!!!!!!
I have gotten a little further than this picture now... Occasionally having to stop mid row to sort Paddy out or do something else.
I am proud of the fact that this is the biggest project I have done yet and havn't attempted to unravel it.

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