Friday, 29 November 2013

busy little bee

Paddy has had a bug since Tuesday night. it has subsided, but her tantrums haven't.
An over tired stuffy nosed Paddy taking a paddy isn't fun.... All we can do is give her some calpol, some herbal teething powder and her dodey with cuddles until she decides to go to sleep, that and keep her hydrated and fed.
She is currently chewing on the ribbon that attaches her to her dodey and fingers trying her best to be a wriggling nuisance on the floor wanting to grab anything in sight  (my toes).
Poor Mite. Snoozing on mummy after some Calpol and a Grump.

Woke up after a kip on mummy and in bed (two and a half hours), feeling a little less groggy.

BIG SMILES.. this evening after finding her way to the Christmas present stash.

Playing noisily  this evening beating her book up.

on mummy's lap chuntering away eating her hanny.

The beginnings of a blanket, how far I managed to get yesterday.
Today's Effort on the blanket whilst Paddy was on the floor playing the Purple side will grow to a point to show how the blanket will be.... (diagonal zigzags) and the baby pink side will grow on a diagonal to make a rectangle.

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