Thursday, 28 November 2013

Teeth!!! and cardigan fustraition!

I decided to attempt crocheting a cardigan..... I'm on attempt 20 of getting to a certain point and then getting wound up with it and unraveling it!
.....So I am going to attempt a Big "Butted" blanket. something to decorate the bedroom a little more and curl up under or to lay over Paddy when asleep in her cot. presently looking through magazines and google for inspiration.... 
I would start playing but there's a cold ridden, snotty nosed little Paddy on my lap snoozing clinging to Rosie. Is it safe to put her in her bed r will she wake up???
In the last day or so a tooth started showing through. So, theres going to be less of mummy being used as a teething toy. I don't want to be chewed on, not when teeth are involved.
It just shows the various frozen treats, theething powder and gel. Oh and the tantrums.... Alll paid off so far....

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