Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OCD and Pad'a'one

Between housework and playing with Pad'a'one, at nap time there is ALWAYS time to doodle here and there.
Just to prove OCD rules the creative station... and they get used in order too.... even when there's a structured picture.

What I call scribbling in deep thought and nothing that interesting. Molei loves the outcome most times. The lack of taking notice of what I am doing works better than thinking of where the next mark is going.

In other words I don't know what it is until I decide to make a brew (cup of tea/ coffee) or Pad'a'one awakens.
This pne looks like a Muscle with seaweed surrounding it

Ah, a Finished Product. Popop's Hat is finally done, including a pompom on the top (if you can see)
He loves it. And uses it as his weekend ware. 
As you can see, I have a small head. 

Agh. the cutest member of the household.
Its hard not to let your heart melt when you see this face...
OOOO you just want to cuddle her all up.

Reversing around the sofa to the stash of Christmas presents , Gonkey was soon knocked over and left for dead.

she was on the other side of her play blanket..... And then....
She was at my feet.
As you can Imagine, the reply to her various "eeeeeeeew, biwwwwwww. AAAAAaaaah"s
"what do you want?... I promiced no such thing.!  Ask daddy when he comes home."
Look who I found Taking over more bed than me after morning daddy cuddles....... Cheeky.

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