Tuesday, 12 November 2013

artist's block.

No crochet, LOTS of pictures, books, magazines and still end up unraveling it and starting something else after 3 rows.
No drawings or doodles. Similar problem, Plenty of ideas and pens and pencils just aren't moving or it gets screwed up and chucked to the other side of the room in aim of the bin before it looks of any interest...
There is one thing good happening...
"Yes? you called??"
playtime at 20 weeks soon realizing there is a tower behind her to destroy and pillage.
Playing peepo behind Rosie and Flopsey who recently went in the washing machine and got watched go round and round in want.
Pillaging a block. all you can hear from this block is jingling sounds. anything in her hands gets chewed on.
Look at that cheeky face!!!!!! you just want to CUDDLE her all up. There is always time and fun thinking of new games and faces that make her laugh (proper giggle on her now) and she loves anything soft and touchy now... so she often has her books slobbered all over. This particular book is now in the wash for the second time this week due to puke, Both times.
Mummy loves to play, if this involves getting as mucky as Pad'a'one, then so be it. We only run out of smiles when Pad'a'one says it is nap time. then whilst asleep, Mummy does jobs and at least attempts to be creative.

Nana Came to visit. and a sleepy looking Pad'a'one is looking to mummy wanting a cuddle before nap time

On Sunday ( 10th) Pad'a'one turned 22 weeks, our little lady joined us in Reddich for a little bit of Christmas Shopping. She slept through most of it.
Then she played on the floor with Popops.
She has recently been DADDY's girl. looking for him when he isn't home, Lots and lots of cuddles and falling asleep on Daddy some bedtimes and naps.
Also when rolling, showing belly off the floor and attempting to crawl she attacks His feet stealthily tickling, making Daddy jump and setting off her little giggles
She used to cling to me when tired, It is nice to be able to wonder about getting her bedtime feed and teething powder at hand for her midnight snack as well as the brew (cup of tea) and snack duties.


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