Wednesday, 30 October 2013

one of the poppies in the making and Playtime

I have managed to get some Molei friendly cookies made again... Cinnamon and cranberry... yummmmmy.
Here's one of the poppies... just figuring out how to make the leaves... experiment, I shall
snoozes.... again.... poor Rosie is being held hostage again.

hide and seek, using Rosie as a human shield ... sorry a dolly shield.
And you see Flopsy Brown (mr nut browns daughter in the book)

Smile???? Laugh??? funny face??? anything??? 

Here is pad'a'one dancing in her bouncer... mummy is crocheting

This time mummy is making begals with philli and bacon.
All you could hear was her telling me off because I was paying attention to the kitchen rather than her....  then when I come through, She smiles and blows raspberries and bubbles.


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