Monday, 28 October 2013

looking normal... and creative when Pad'a'one is asleep

Where do I start???
Looking normal.... No, not really. I'm more the "Different" type
Hair chopped off, new specs  and back to feeling a little more human.
Pixie crossed with modern punk.... Ish. Most of my smart clothes tend to say so too.
That and Pad'a'one can't grab quite as much hair now.
Pad'a'one has been sitting up! here and there, with mummy near by for if she loses her balance or gets tired.
Reminds me, there are jim jams that need to go into the too small box.
"Sorry boys
Daddy says
I can't date
until I'm
It's true....
Daddy has a tshirt saying
"I'm not scared of you
I have a Daughter"
Which is also true. As cuddly as they get, it is funny watching her  tell him off... Even funnier still is when Daddy is telling her off and she smiles about it.
Daddy can't stay angry at the cheeky grin.

"Don't Look
at me...
That smell
 is my
That's true too.. Popops has had a few Potent ones here and there in the past... and Popop's Loves this vest.

complaining after lots of milk.....  "I want more!"
 Be patient young one, let what you've had settle first.
She has had to change milk due to digestion problems, she was on EXTRA HUNGRY now on basic stage 1... only 6 weeks and she can start stage 2

ZZZzzz .... wriggled there herself. I left her under the cover on her back cuddling whatever toy she decided was fit.
she has her days she can sleep for Europe. On some days.... there might as well be an Insomniac in the flat. No sleep for 36 hours at one point. When it is that bad, I sleep when she does. 

At Nana Mumbles house. We set her on Nana Lou's blankies to play, she fell asleep.... I popped out of the room and when I came back.... tah dah... Little lady is AWAKE and beaming smiles at everyone.

Pad'a'one was sitting in her bath tub, I was sorting washing out.
This little Ladybird was sitting on my window... I opened the window to air the washing and he soon flew out.
Well he is another critter on my list

One of many more strange snoozes..... I use this time to do house work or be creative, you'll see...
Cheeky... Yesterday, after a long day out in Reddich. Starting to lag, o play time to tire her out just that bit more.

felt tip pens and a scrap of paper. trying to decide what to crochet next...

Popop's Birthday present... well part of it... still got to finnish the hat, and then I will be making a scarf.
I've also been working on some crochet Poppies For remembrance Sunday. only 5... (Pad'a'one will have hers attatched to her hat so she doesn't play with it)
I won't be letting the Poppy funds go down. I usually put anything I have loose into their tins and buckets.
Having Military in the family, Army, navy and Air force..... So know very well the symbolism and respect for the poppy.


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