Thursday, 31 July 2014

Paddy and daddy are having some time together

these last few weeks, Molei has been working longer and harder than normal...  so  this is week 4 and he has a DAY OFF as well as the usual Saturday and Sunday (which he often spends a days worth studying).
So this morning Daddy has taken Paddy for a stroll and train into town for a couple of hous...  gives me a chance to have a shower without having to listen for Paddy in her bed or getting pestered with low flying ducks into the shower!
Anyways    thought I would show you how far my crochet has got....  and some baking...  OH  and a little Paddy  as always.
Here we go....  Expansion is good... the more I make  the bigger it will be ..... well that's the plan

Scrummy Scones with NO SUGAR....

Paddy in the local play area...
unfortunately it is SUMMER HOLIDAY time  so it has been too busy for paddy and I to venture there much recently..
Lots of children's fairs, bouncy castles, bring and buys....
so tends to be PACKED.. So decided, whilst it is very hot and very busy, we will go occasionally , nice and early in the morning, before I pop to the shop ... this way she can sleep in the buggie after a play.

Teaching Paddy to climb stairs (she won't go up on her own unless its the sofas at home or nana's stairs)
And holding her hannies on the way down the slide...
Big smiles All around...
And gorgeous grins too

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