Monday, 4 August 2014

shhhh, paddy is asleep.

whilst paddy is happily snoozing, I thought I will show you some work I am doing currently..
Firstly  some inspiration into what I am doing
Archibald Knox. A Manx ART DECO / celtic artist who created some of the most beautiful logbooks and silverware that is EXTREAMLY collectable and expensive even now.

(more Knox)
I've been influenced by this awe struck work since I can remember.
And can, myself, draw intricate celtic knots and designs and excaudate them similarly

(found on pintrest)
At the moment the piece I am working on is very "under the sea" at the moment
Im mostly sketching and painting to see how things would work
and a lot of them look like stain glass

A Disney art deco Ariel! (again Pintrest)
Very art deco Poster

I like this image from the Kelp wraping itself around her and the Frame. something I don't usually add but will try similar ideas maybe.

Here is one of my sketches. partially painted.
not Knox but it does have the art deco theme in it
I will continue by possibly photographing a few Knox style Ideas once they have been painted.

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