Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Between paddy being a cutiepie and being glued to the tv and toys....

I got a little further with some ideas on the painting front...
As promised A couple of  Knox alikes and a couple of others too
Yes, some are nice simple and basic, others are fiddly, especially with a  paintbrush.
I would say, like Knox's colours and pattern flow but also one of my own styles of "scribble"

Almost Julia Ashby Smyth... Wasn't supposed to look like her work, but it does..
This is Julia Ashby Smyth 's Moddey Dhoo .
all the manxies will know who he is!
He is a demon dog that Haunts Peel Castle on the Isle of man..... there is even a wicker structure of him in the Guards room ... Scares the heebies out of you if you're not expecting him
Back to my sketches...

this is very Knox in colour  but ME  mostly with the " whispy Spider web/ vine "scribble""

No my story is not the little mermaid.. close  but no..... its about sirens being brought to peril and treasures that are lost...  is there a hero?
maybe if I get the story published or just the pictures on here you may find out.
well that was yesterday...
I'm off to put my washing in the BUMBLE dryer.
It's very yucky outside ... Paddy and I are yet to brave it....
After lunch it will be "get wet time"

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