Thursday, 7 August 2014

Poor Paddy

Paddy hasn't been well recently.
Luckily it is just one of those 24 hour bugs but seeing her in a state of constant sleep and drink (water and very weak juice) means lots of cuddles and snuggles before and after a trip to see the doctor.
Today she is a little more herself.... she ate all her breakfast and asked for more  so see how she is by lunch we will pop out   (need the usual essentials).
got very adorable pictures coming up
Also managed a little bit of hooking these last couple of days
just in the middle of a replacement for a hexagon that accidently got chucked out and attached a couple of others.. using my kitchen Side as my work place as that is the best place not to have hexagons getting pinched by a cheeky paddy
(as I type paddy plods through in demand of more juice and a cheeky grin)
Lets be a little cringe worthy first.....
A friend FOUND a picture of my first year in school
we are still attempting to name everyone.. only 2 left to find due to moving away young or just not remembering the face/ name
Can you see me?
we've named all but two and those two and one other are the only ones who haven't seen this picture in the last two days.
Here we are   kitchen/ chaos of wool biggest project so far that hasn't been undone

Last night's cuddles before bed with DADDY
she misses him in the day and during the week only sees an hour of him whilst he relaxes

this morning's Z catching after daddy had gone... 

Yesterday, Supposed to be getting ready for the doctors
"come on cheeky, time to wake up"
she flinched  that was it
anyways  I have  a couple of jobs to do  and may grumble at the drunk that lives downstairs for the 2 am wakeup call to get in!

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