Saturday, 24 January 2015

Growing up too quick and finnishing a project

As ever, there is no order to pictures....
My apologies..
But a study break is in order.
A diploma in Health and social care...
just typing up assignment One... (ugh I hate the assignment writing bit)
More on that when I get into it a little deeper...
Tilly's Piggie Tials
We are managing to sit still for just a little longer so mummy can brush and plait hair

soo beautiful to brush. We may need a trim soon, but I know she won't sit still for a hair dresser just yet.  Maybe try my trick of CRAYONS and paper?

Cheeky ! managing to press buttons on mummy's tablet to take" selfies "and unlock the tablet.

Tilly has Jobs....
She chooses when to help (she is only little). there are  days she doesn't want to help at all
jobs include:
Tidying toys away
Helping mummy put her own washing in the washing machine
help mummy put wet washing into the tumble dryer and out of tumble dryer to be folded by mummy
and put her dirty nappy and pack of wipes in their homes (bin and cupboard)
Yes she gets paid... In white chocolate buttons and pennies (5p per job in her big tin then when we see a toy she likes   we may get it when she has enough)

It had been snowing a little.... but rain takes over half way to the point of having anything to play with...
Tilly still hasn't played in snow.
This shot was a fluke...
We weren't expecting an ambulance to go screaming by (didn't start its whirling till outside the flat)

At nana's in Jammies... pinched Pop pops cushion
we saw no point in changing her if she was comfortable, we weren't expecting to go to nana's till 5 minutes before we left... good job mummy keeps a bag ready with everything in it (including spare clothes and snacks)

I wasn't tickling her ribs honest...  that and "fairy" kissing cheeks and neck.....
(little kisses that tickle)

Weyhey! A finished project...
Tunisian stitch double sided, extra thick and cosy, made from scraps colourful and sooooo me scarf  just for ME.
it is rare that anything is made for me....

Last but not least.... TILLY playing E. T. 
save this one for last because it is just tooooo adorable to put anywhere else...
that's enough from me for now.... back to Effective Communication and Confidentiality in the work place......(insert the sound of wooden cogs starting up and splinters and sparks in my head)

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